Thursday, January 18, 2007

chi town boys

If we are lucky we will get to hear some great midwestern twangs. I'm especially hoping that Matt the Minnesotan and John the Chicagoan will come through for us on this.
Click here to read the note on the purpose of these annotations of Top Design biographies.
Design style: Casual elegance
Snore. Someday I want someone to say that their style is Formal Crudeness

Without even a high school diploma,
READ: Not sure what Civil War was.

A big personality ... there's never a dull moment when he's around
READ: total drama queen

... compares himself to George Michael
READ: has been arrested for having sex in public places.
Hometown: Comfrey, Minnesota, currently resides in Chicago
Married at 22.
Those Minnesotans. They get to work early on everything.

Design style: Current contemporary that's livable
As opposed to – outdated contemporary that’s uninhabitable?

Matt says his biggest accomplishment is the playhouse he spent three years building for his daughter.
That’s a cause for concern.
Hometown: South Bend, Indiana, currently resides in Chicago. Education: Briefly attended Indiana State University and studied design at Ball State University.
Erik gets points for going to the university with the gayest name ever.*

Design style: Creatively client-focused
Whatever. All designers do this don't they?

Erik says, “a true designer is always looking at things to put their stamp on.”
He was the one who drew the mustache on Wendy’s picture of her daughter.

*More fun facts about Ball:
  • Ball State was endowed by the company that makes the glass canning jars. (I use the Ball jars every year when I make preserves. I like the ordinary Ball jars with the old logo on it. I don't like the newer ones with all the cutesy fruit and quilt designs.)
  • David Letterman went to Ball State.
  • Ball State is in Muncie Indiana which has been used by sociologists as a representative of the most normal, average place in America. It’s the Peoria of Indiana. Just think about that for a moment. It's kind of a Midwestern koan.


The Scarlett said...

Hi, Kora. Like Erik, I went to Ball State for one year. One of the things that I remember was that David Letterman gives a scholarship to 'C' students because he wants to perpetuate mediocrity. I respected that. I also remember that the 'Ball U' tee shirts were very popular fashion statements on Spring Break. Anyhoo, Erik seems like an absolute doll from everything I've heard. Can't wait to see what they all bring to the show.

kora in hell said...

Thanks for letting me know that you went to Ball State. As you can see I have a warm spot for the place. I'm allowed to mercilessly mock Indiana because they are my people. (Tri-State: IN,IL,WI) I'm cheering for Erik. The Letterman scholarship is hilarious.