Thursday, August 02, 2007

design star 1: the design


This is clearly the best space. It is a nice color palette. Simple, streamlined, uncluttered.
The walls are graphically interesting and three dimensional. I really like their attention to lighting (with one caveat discussed below).

It was a difficult task given how many beds they needed to get into that room.

The second room is also fine. I like the medallions on the wall.
The colors are a bit of a mish-mash but given all the problems they had working together (more on that later) it turned out better than I expected. The curtains are a very good idea in terms of privacy and light issues. A lot of the designers had a problem with over-accessorizing.

Both bedrooms have some basic practical problems with proper bedside tables and reading lights. I also would have gotten some low baskets or boxes to slide under the bed for storage of a few small items (slippers, tissue, moisterizer, book, pen, sketchbook, nightlight, sex toys, ha ha, etc.).


First of all, I don't think they did a space plan which was a HUGE MISTAKE.
Is that another eating area at the end of the room? I don't quite understand the layout of the space. It does seem a shame to have used up a cool hanging-out space for dining but I have to admit that it looks nice. I really don't like the lighting fixture.

This is ridiculous. Who is going to use this? It isn't private enough for meditation. It isn't comfortable enough for conversation. And the white covers will get dirty fast. This also falls into the problem of not having a space plan.

My eyes! My eyes! Those pillows are hideous.

The built organic shape is a nice start. But where was it going? Robb was mad at Josh about this but it didn't seem like Robb had any ideas himself. This shows the problem with the group not doing an overall space plan. The space is a yawning empty cavern.

Which leads to the entrance below. The entrance is an entrance. There was nothing more problematic with this space than with any other space on the main floor as it all flowed together into one big confused area.
The problem with this is 1. ugly colors. 2. ugly art. Someone needed to just say that this was going to be too trashy looking. And what they hell is the deal with "The Rats"?? That's just not nice. They are professionals. This looks like some teenager got to turn the unfinished basement into their bedroom.

The bar and stairs: that paint job is awful. Really awful. A real pro would have looked at that wall and known better than to have tried to paint it. Not replacing that hideous light fixture was a major mistake. I don't like the grey and coral palette. Black and red are rather overdone.
What is the problem with these designers and light fixtures? Sparkle and Will were the only ones who paid attention to this. That's very basic. Neerja couldn't find bar stools, didn't replace the light, didn't finish the painting. What was she doing? However, in Neerja's defense: she handled the money and budget and she did that well. We've seen what happens when someone doesn't handle that well.

We now address my two favorite contributions. And by favorite I mean the first items that I would put outside on the curb. First, the skateboard ramp. It appears to be well built. It is finished. However, it is ridiculous. No one else is going to use it. No one else looked at the space and said: "I'm going to make something that only I can use." I can't believe the judges were impressed by this. This is carpentry but how is it interior design? If this is what it takes to impress the judge then half the teenage boys in California can be on Design Star.
I will say this: the hammock is a nice idea in front of all those windows and under the palms but why did he get such a cheap one? He should have gotten a much nicer, more comfortable hammock that is easier to use. And one that is for two. But I suspect this is a dude that hasn't thought much about that sort of thing.

And last of all, and least of all, there is the hanging car door:

The fact that Robb is still on the show and Lisa was kicked off is proof that they just want to keep someone on who will create conflict. Lisa was just too nice.


design star 1: designers


Let me start with the best. I had already decided last week that Josh Johnson was the reason I was going to watch Design Star. My only problem this week is that we didn't get enough of him.

Josh J ("Sparkle" -- fabulous!) and Will are going to be the ones for the win. I'm ready to just call them the winners now. They would make a fabulous show together: ebony and ivory. That is hilarious. And they are both such sweeties! It just shows you how two people with very different sensibilities can work together if they are really good designers and put the project ahead of their own egos.

Josh and Will

I really hope that Design Star focuses attention on these two. They both have very strong (in a good way) personalities. They are both very funny. And they are talented designers. What more can you ask for??

Will Smith
has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and African American and African Studies from the University of North Carolina. So Will gets a major plus in my book for having a solid well-rounded education from an excellent university. I think we will see this is a big asset for him as a designer.

Josh Johnson Fun Facts: Something you'd never guess about me: I was once a probation officer. Unusual skills: Clogging. Childhood dream: Flying Wonder Woman's invisible jet. That is a wacky combination of skills and interests!

If this doesn't work out Will and Josh can go into business as private detectives since they both have backgrounds in criminal justice. Instead of Starsky and Hutch they'd be Sparkle and Smith!

Josh & Scott
These two are my second choice after JoshJ and Will because of their previous work. They both have experience and interests that I think would be a good focus for HGTV. Josh works on Green Design and I think HGTV should do a show about this. Scott likes California ranch and that's one of my favorite styles.

Josh Foss Fun Fact: Favorite designer: Charles and Ray Eames. "My dad worked for them back in the early 1960s." That's another major plus in my book!

Kim Adrianna Lisa
I need to see what Kim and Adrianna can do but they have the personalities that would be great to host a show. Lisa seemed like she had a good personality for hosting the show. The skunk hair would have to go. (1983 called and wanted it back.) But her work was disappointing. Kim would be great because she represents the HGTV viewer. She is someone who does crafts -- who watches the shows and then does the projects that are shown on the shows. I think it would be really cool if she won because she would be proof of the DIY ethos of the network. Both Kim and Adrianna have the upbeat can-do spirit targetted at women and especially at women of color and women who may just be starting out or who don't have experience.

Neerja and Christina
AKA Miss Migraine and Miss Negativity. These two do not have the personalities to host a show. They are very grating. Neerja did not crack a smile once. She looked so tense I thought she might shatter into pieces. I have to hand it to Adriana for putting up with Christina because she was wearing down my last nerve. Christina keeps talking about her "two little ones" (and that's getting old fast) and her "no no no" attitude sounded like she had been spending a little too much time around toddlers.

todd and robb

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major tools

todd & robb

As irritating as Neerja and Christina were, that was nothing compared to Todd and Robb. These two are not designers. Top Design has to stop picking people like this to be on the show. It is what makes the show such an amateur hour. This is what makes the show potentially unwatchable to someone like me. Seriously. Life is too short. I have yet to hear a coherent noise emamate from them. I heard yelling, bullying and sound/words like "whoo" and "cool" and "dude".

Who is the Design Star Major Tool?

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