Wednesday, August 29, 2007

design star 2: a few more observations

continued from comments on Linda Merrill's :: Surroundings :: Blog:

  1. I get the sense that Robb isn't actually a designer; I think he has worked installing kitchens and baths. I can't imagine he has been in charge because he doesn't seem skilled enough and he doesn't have the personality skills to work with clients.
  2. I did not like Kim's color choices for the room but the Newton's did and they were working in concert with the other team with a palette from the stones. I have more of a problem with her furniture choice. I thought that the table and chairs were not the right scale.
  3. Todd looks at the space in terms of what he would want: he likes to make things that you can play on but that is not always what is in the best interest of the client. With the spinning platform I would end up with bruises and scrapes on my ankles tripping on it on my way to the sliding doors. It doesn't allow for moving the furniture around for conversation, like bringing another chair up. And it forced them to have smaller furniture in a space that would have allowed for a bigger, more comfortable "couch potato" type of sofa.
  4. Will's presentation style was a refreshing change from the HGTV norm. I find that things on HGTV are often a bit too over-the-top peppy. His low-key manner made him seem comfortable in front of the camera. All of the others were bouncing around a bit too much.