Monday, January 08, 2007

project runway makes worst of 06 list

Annie Wu on has this to say about this past season's Project Runway:
God, Project Runway was just plain painful this season. Not only did we have to put up with Vincent and Angela for an ungodly long time, they were brought back for an additional challenge! Then, Jeffrey, the designer with the worst collection of all (well, in my personal opinion), won the whole competition. Livid, I was. I definitely expected better taste from what I've long considered the classiest reality program on television. Click here to read her full review.
Now don't get your panties in a bunch about this.

First, she's a funny reviewer (read what she has to say about Flavor of Love and American Idol in this article). Second, this is about her having high expectations of PR. She's saying she's disappointed in the show, not that she thinks it is worse than everything else on tv, and frankly, I agree with her criticisms.

However, Wu neglects to account for the bright spots of this season. Like Laura. Over time the judging stupidities and blowhard personalities of this season will fade from memory while we tune into the new hit show: What would Laura do? (tag: And how the hell does she manage to do all of that?) Getting Flash with Michael Knight (the nice boy takes the street). The Robert and Kayne Show (tag: Barbies, Beauty Queens and Bitching). Malan Breton from Taiwan (it doesn't get any more fabulous than that).

Speaking of crazy man V: on VH1's "Best Year Ever" Vincent's tirade was one of Doug Benson's choices for getting a rose. There's no way to explain this joke. You just have to have seen it . . and like that offbeat kind of humor.