Tuesday, February 06, 2007

dear todd: let me count the ways

I have been negligent in discussing the judges. This is partly because the judges will be there all season and the contestants will not. Or at least most of them will not.

My lack of attention does not reflect a lack of interest in them. On the contrary. I have already discussed my sense that Margaret Russell is going to be the wit of the show. I think that Kelly Wearstler will at least regale us with her wardrobe. I get the sense that Jonathan Adler will be providing us with just as many killer expressions as Margaret Russell.

If this is not a WTF look then I don't know what is:

Also, I sense that there is a lot hovering just under the surface of that giddy exterior of his. (Can things hover under or do they only hover over and simmer under?) But that is for another post.

Today is Todd Time.

Yes, it is true that so far I have only teased him about his stilted demeanor on the first show.

(You have to admit that once the resemblance is pointed out, you cannot get it out of your head.)

Perhaps I have been ignoring Todd because to think of him is to set my heart racing.

I blush.

I stammer.

I hit the F keys.

But, really, can you blame me?

There's cute-cute and there's cute-hot. Cute-cute doesn't age well. Age has been kind to Todd.

Be still my heart.

If I were to acknowledge him I would have to acknowledge that he means more to me than he should.

After all, so many obstacles stand in our way: we have never met; he is gay; I am happily married.

But there will always be naysayers and cynics who want to stand in the way of true love.

It is true that I am unable to face him with my feelings. Literally. I don't know where he is.

And of course, he will never read this, although I'm pretty sure he knows how to read.

Yet my devotion is steadfast.

It began in those early heady House of Style days, when I was swept away by those boyish looks and that low-key demeanor of his lulled me into fantasies of being his hand-made hand-maiden, holding his glue gun as he bedazzles . . .

Um. Anyhoo.

Where was I?

The main point of this post was to list some of the reasons why he and I are soul mates, or at least why I think he's swell (in no particular order):

1. He is into fashion but not the industry.
2. His house is only 1100 square feet. (1)
3. He has a jack russell terrier.(2)
4. He is into crafts and the hand-made (3)
5. He is into typography and letterpress printing.
6. He is into 60s graphic arts.
7. He champions the artist Charley Harper.
8. He is not pretentious.
9. He has fab bicep tattoos.
10. He is against fur.
11. He wears Jack Purcells.
12. He is into mid-century modern. (4)
13. He likes animals, especially birds. (5)
He really thinks about design for people who don’t have money.
15. He seems to be more interested in being kind than looking cool.
16. Added later: He is friends with the wickedly funny Amy Sedaris and if anyone can find the hilarious clip of her on House of Style let me know. It used to be on YouTube but ViaCom made them take it down.

For more information on his projects: todd oldham studio

Coincidence or Kismet?
(1) Our house: 1100 square feet.
(2) I have a wire fox terrier*.
(3) When I was growing up I subscribed to a craft magazine.
(4) Our house was built in 1951 + I have furniture from the
(5) My first sentence was "Look. See the birdie." An imperative, naturally.
I know, it's uncanny, huh?!

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