Friday, January 26, 2007

peter shelton: trend watch

It would appear that Laura is not the only one with a keen eye for style in the Bennett-Shelton household.

Yesterday Gawker asked "What is up with White Converse?" regarding the fashion rage for Chuck Taylor All Stars in New York City.
(I'm a Jack Purcell gal myself. However I don't know how fashionable that makes me considering that the only other person I've seen wearing these particular shoes is a friend's four year old daughter. In my defense I got them for $12.)

At any rate, Fashionista replied to Gawker with their post "Explain White Converse" in which style experts weighed in on the white Converse All Star blitz.

We learn that these sneakers are a New York icon. (God love New York fashion editors. Yes, we out in the hinterlands have never heard of these things you call sneakers. We still wear wooden clogs.)

We also learn that Teen Vogue has styled them with skinny jeans, school uniforms, volume skirts, and prom dresses. I wonder if this sort of versatility makes them the kind of item that would become a fashion rage in the city. Does every New Yorker have these items in their wardrobe?

Ah, but it was this comment that offered some insight: they look even better when worn and aged.

I couldn't agree more.

Interior Design Magazine. LAURA BENNETT, PETER SHELTON, AND LEE MINDEL The Project Runway finalist with her husband, Peter Shelton, and Lee Mindel, partners of Shelton, Mindel & Associates. Photography: Paul Godwin.

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