Saturday, February 03, 2007

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Once again I have to give a shout out to Linda Merrill's ::surroundings blog for her discussion of Top Design Episode 1. (And not just because her analysis confirms my feeling that Erik and Carisa's room was stronger than it got credit for being!)

I still think that aside from the over-pillowfication and small table it had the best sense of overall visual balance: vertical / horizontal / spacial.


The room is for relaxing right? They didn't plunk a big mattress down; there is another room for that. However I think I see where they were going with this design.

They created a fireplace and set two demure chairs for the cocktails and reparte. Naturally, once the ice is broken -- or melted -- you will want to get into something more comfortable. So you move over to that lovely long curvy velvet couch. Mmmm. It is so tasty and delicious. Of course, when the scene is set so that you are carried away, things happen. And if you should roll off the sofa on to the floor you will want the extra pillows and a big coffee table could be hazardous. It is actually a very well thought out and practical design. And it sure beats a sand pit.

Top Design - Episode 1 Scrapbook - 15
Team Tasty and Delicious
Carisa is darling: so genuine and open. And Erik's my fav.

Anyhoo. I thought their space had a sort of Todd Oldham feel. While nothing they selected is out of keeping with the style of the room, they could have selected accessories more in line with Todd's playful, offbeat style.

Maybe it wouldn't have been Alexis's taste Top Design - Episode 1 Scrapbook 25 but I think it would have been a little more in keeping with the vibe of the five objects.

I suspect theirs was Todd's favorite room. Because Todd and I are very much on the same wavelength. (Note: It is a particularly high-pitched one.)

Anyway, for me, Merrill's blog is an essential supplement to the show. It provides the critique that we aren't able to get because the tv show must focus on entertaining us with the quips of the judges. I'm not criticizing that, mind you. It's half the fun.

Speaking of which, the television without pity recaplet offers the the following zingers:
The celebrity turns out to be Alexis Arquette, with the mystery apparently being, “How in the hell does Alexis Arquette qualify as a celebrity?” [Ahem. - Ed.]

John and Michael narrowly avoid elimination despite the fact that both are convinced that the other one is a complete tool. Boys, boys -- you're both right. [Ahem. - Ed.]
and this gem of an observation of:
the eerie similarities between the voices of host Todd Oldham and Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock

Todd Oldham


Linda Merrill said...

Hey! thanks for the shout out! I think it's great that we all have different areas of the show to highlight and talk about. There is so much cutting done with these shows to get them into one hour - well less with commercials - that there's a lot of important stuff that gets missed.
I definitely wish we had a Tim Gunn on the show.

Carry on. Or is that - Blog On!

Ms. Place said...

Well, I agree with most of your assessment of this room. In fact, I told the Project Top Designer team of T&L that I thought it was ok. But! Ms. Place has a thing about green and persimmon. (Too associative) and cluttering fireplaces with anything except the real thing. I absolutely adore this team, and Goil and Elizabeth, and predict that this foursome will go far.

Love the design of your blog, dahling. You definitely have a talent for visual design and the eye!

Hi Linda, dahling. Love your blog too.

eric3000 said...

OMG! Kenneth the Page! That's it!

Linda Merrill said...

we're just a big love fest!