Saturday, January 27, 2007

celebrity judges

The only thing that was more painful than watching Tim Gunn have to constantly sell sponsor's products was watching Tim Gunn have to sell so-called celebrities.

Naturally Tim has the good manners to introduce the guests with enthusiasm, as I am sure Todd Oldham will. I just thought it was more than a little bizarre to watch Tim Gunn froth over the wondrous talents that the spawn of Trump and Hilton brought to the show, especially in the face of their total indifference, if not condescension.

Los Angeles will have its own distinctive type of the over-rich and under-talented who will treat Todd with that special Hollywood mixture of obliviousness and superiority. He will be adorable as always and make them feel right at home.

But here is what I'd hope Top Design producers will do do:

First, it would be nice if Bravo stopped calling the guest judges "celebrities" and stopped making the cast act excited about people who really aren't all that famous (with a few exceptions like Debra Messing or Parker Posey).

If the judges insist on referring to themselves as celebrities (as with the hilariously imperious Mrs. Kors), well that has its own entertainment value.

There was a big difference between the judges who were interested in fashion -- actresses and debutards,

"but how would I look in it??"

excuse me debutantes -- and the judges who were actually in the fashion industry, like Vera Wang and Catherine Malandrino and Fern Mallis (who was the best guest judge PR ever had). Did everyone's hearts go pitter pat when they had Parker Posey rather than Fern Mallis? I doubt it. Why not get someone who is not particularly famous but actually knows something about what they are judging?

Certainly, some of the celebrities are tied to relevant challenges -- like the skating outfit or pageant gown (and oh how delightful she has continued to be for us!). But I for one (perhaps the only one) would not mind seeing Top Design put a few knowledgeable architects and designers in the guest's seat.

I'm not holding my breath.

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eric3000 said...

I don't mind so much the B-rate celebrities; they are a part of the fashion industry and trend-setting so it makes some sense to have them there. But I agree with you that it is so annoying to have to pretend like they are such huge stars!

One nice thing about the semi-celebrities on Top Chef was that they didn't make quite as big a deal about them and also they often weren't actually judging, just eating.