Monday, January 22, 2007

myspace amusements

The folks at blogging top design have helpfully put up links to the designers who have myspace pages. I have a tendency to find myspace pages ugly and irritating. Generally I don't get the point of them.

When I say things like that I realize that I'm old. Like when I look at boys who are wearing pants so that they are falling down off their butts and I think, WTF? Or when gauchos came back into fashion and I said, "No, not this time around. Once is enough."

That said, I am not very many years younger than Elizabeth. How many I am not going to say. I also went to high school not too far away from her. Yet when I went to her myspace page and that music starting playing I thought, is this a joke? It sounded like something that hippy teacher on Beavis and Butthead would play.

Nearly as scary was realization that my taste in music has more in common with the kid practically half my age who (aside from the jazz, naturally) apparently likes the Shins so much that he listed them twice.

It's interesting that the person with one of the most obnoxious Bravo bios has one of the more appealing myspace pages. It's a bit precious but he's young and the Corinne Bailey Rae sort of lets him get away with it: the widdle chipmunk, as the gayboys so inimitably call him.

Anyhoo -- what led me to soften my rather harsh view (based on the Bravo bio) was that his list of favorite movies included Junebug, Little Miss Sunshine, Gaslight, and *especially* the 1934 version of Imitation of Life. The 1956 version is fab but that 1934 film is much more obscure and totally mind blowing. The Good Girl and Clueless are also choices that would be in my list. I think Clueless is one of the best of the Jane Austen films.

But all my warm fuzziness is undone by this statement: "I would like to meet people who would rather be wanted for murder than not wanted at all." [i.e., fame is the most important value above all else: there is no point in meeting someone who is not wanted by others because that person has nothing to offer.] It's certainly characteristic of the kind of person who would want to be on a reality television show: it's all about celebrity narcissism. (And famous criminals are just narcissistic sociopaths.) No wonder he likes In Cold Blood. He also liked the film Capote but from this quote he appears to have missed its point.

Still, if it weren't for narcissists we wouldn't have reality television. Think of what we'd miss.


Anonymous said...

After looking at both myspace's Elizabeth is trying to hard and that song is bad and what was that outfit she wore to the Oscars did she steal that from Shena E or what? Her painting of the pear is cute but the overall myspace needs work

Michael's is really interesting not at all what I thought his myspace would be, makes me want to be his friend.

i don't get your point of relating his affinity of Truman Capote to his "i would rather meet people who would rather be wanted for murder than not wanted all" its a little bit of stretch

just a note having a psych. degree (for a really bad student I even know this) most always a true narcissist would not say "I am not perfect but my consistent need to be perfect maybe one of my biggest faults" narcissist are not self deprecating or find faults in one self

but my one question is why does he have teenage girls leaving him comments that's a little strange

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Elizabeth she looks great. Yes her song is bad. "Elizabeth darling lose the song"

Anonymous said...

I am so into Michael he is only 23 years old. I am impressed that he got the nerve to even try out for the show. He is just a kid when I was 23 I was turning apples into pot pipes. No matter how far he makes it or really what he does I am impressed.
Bravo... that kids got balls

and his myspace is super cute and his bravo bio is funny and not that bad his video's are the best I think he has what the others are missing a real presence so lets not knock the one person who may make this show interesting to watch because this is going to be no project runway or top chef

trixie b said...

Thanks for the comments my anonmymous friends:

I too wondered about Michael's bevvy of teenage girl fans. I worry about them.

Elizabeth ... looks great. True dat.

when I was 23 I was turning apples into pot pipes. Ha. That's funny.

It's all in good fun.

Anonymous said...

Hags in training, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Michael is so cute!!!