Monday, October 23, 2006

while I'm away

I'll be away this week. Remember to take the trash out. Don't fight over the remote. The emergency numbers are by the phone.

When I return I will be moving on to talking about Laura and Vionnet, plus home economics. Kora is really into home ec. Then I want to know what the deal is with safaris. Is jungle fever going around again? And of course we will discuss the matter of why Uli didn't win. (She was robbed!)

Meanwhile, break into small groups and talk amongst yourselves. Here's the topic: Is Laura the new Martha Stewart? What suggestions do you have for various segments on her show: Laura Bennett's Living Fabulously?


FeFe said...

Laura Bennett's Living Fabulously:
Turtle Soup

lotusgreen said...

oh my god--i'm crazy about vionnet. can't wait.

bungle said...

Hava good trip, stay safe and... what's that? Oh, yeah, the keg...well I was just holding on to that for someone, you know.

The toga! toga! toga! chant in the other room? Ha, nothing, they're playing a "name that ancient garment" game, sorta inspired by project runway.

Nothing to worry about! Everything... ((((***crash!!***))))...will be just fine, you'll see!

Anonymous said...

Be safe, Trixie.
Vionnet is Goddess!