Wednesday, September 06, 2006

it's so easy it's Simplicity

. . .

Here is the pattern for every dress Vincent has made: just 3 easy pieces.

By the way, I was very disturbed by Vincent "rubbing off" his pants last week. This from a man who "gets off" on his creations. There should be a law against that. At least they should be required to notify the neighbors.

And where was he going in that "jetsetter" outfit? It was the antithesis of jetsetter. It was clothing for someone who isn't going anywhere. Who may not even be getting out of bed.

While I'm getting ramped up on this subject I might as well let loose the dogs of my invective with my first installment of "bloody hell" (or, kora's rants):

The producers might argue: "We didn't do anything; he was already smug, dispeptic, delusional and creepy when he arrived." That may be true, but they have nourished this creature in an environment that rewards the petty, the unpleasant, and the unoriginal. His ego has grown, like a cancer, under the tender salve of Heidi's warm supporting smile, and her defense of whatever he coughs up on the runway each week. As the skilled and talented are banished, he remains, always doing what is easiest, what requires the least. But they knew that when the chose him, didn't they? You can't tell me there were no other candidates who weren't better than Vincent. That is why the spoiler rumors that he is in the final 3 don't surprise me. They must have done some market research and found out that loathing is a big audience draw: viewers prefer to watch characters who make their skin crawl. In the episode tonight he offers his critique and advice to Michael. The man now thinks he's Tim Gunn. Does Tim know about this? (I love Tim's podcasts; he clearly detests Vincent.) Vinny's self-satisfaction has been bubbling over, and now it has burst, like a cyst, and all who are exposed to this noxious pus have become infected. Symptoms include a profound sense of demoralization from the confirmation that in the world of television it takes less than 3 seasons for things to devolve towards the lowest common denominator and for the most obnoxious and least skilled and talented to come out on top. On the other hand, most programs take less than 3 episodes to get to this point. It is reality tv. This is what I deserve for getting hooked. I need to go to detox . . . .

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