Friday, September 08, 2006

the biggest nightmare II

Continued comments on the Entertainment Weekly interview with Vincent:
EW: What was your favorite part of the Paris trip?
"The boat was fun. There was a cute girl with red shoes and a tattoo. I have a lovely wife, but I was getting a little bit nosy with her . . .
He was getting "nosy" with her? Isn't that what dogs do? Speaking of which, he states that the reason for his unseemly fawning over CM was because he thought she looked like Anouk Aimée. And she does:

Gee, I wonder what film icon she thought Vincent resembled?

It's uncanny, isn't it? But alas, this match was not to be. Why? Because CM, like everyone else, found his behavior creepy? According to V the problem was that:
. . . Catherine [Malandrino] was a little bit too old for me. . . .
This bit of grotesquerie comes as no surprise since we've seen that he has issues when it comes to dealing with grown-up women. They have such terrifying attributes. Like opinions.
The other one wasn't. [i.e., too old for him] We wanted to meet later for a drink — Jeffrey and I and she and her girlfriend. We invited them to our room just to have a nice bottle of champagne, but unfortunately they canceled on us."
This anecdote about meeting up with the two French models is rich. Weren't they supposed to have learned that lesson when they were 20 years old and travelling for the summer on their Eurail Pass? (What woman hasn't done this to get rid of some guy who wouldn't leave you alone?) Vincent and Jeffrey. Oh yeah. They're hot. And this was his favorite part of the Paris trip. Honestly, it's so sad it's funny.

Can you imagine what those girls were thinking? Let's try for a moment.

brûlez dans l'enfer
[go to hell]

The conversation between Insouciance et Apéritif, two lovely French models (at right) who were on the boat ride with Vincent and Jeffrey:

- Zees Americain mayn, zay are so gauche.
- D'accord. Et zee old nozee wan, ee eez, ow you zay? Ca-ray-zee?
- Mais qui. Trés Fou.
- Et thee leetle wan, zee poseur rroke stahhr?
- Ee est le azzhole, n'est-ce pas?
- Com pleet ay mon.
- Je m'ennuie.
- Ma tête est malade.
- We zay zat we weel go to zee soirée ahd zen we deetch zeez imbeciles.
- Et zen we stop mahking zee bahd français.

Note: there is a translation in the comments section for those of you who don't speak the Monty-Python dialect of French.
- bloody hell -

I know that it isn't nice to make fun of someone for being ugly -- it can't be helped -- but in this case (a) the inside and the outside match and (b) he is under the impression that he is too good looking to go out with beautiful women like CM. As if. She looks at least a decade younger but he says she's "too old" for him? That's just asking for trouble.

I'll admit that Vincent knows enough about women to know how to be vicious. Which just adds many ways that he makes my skin crawl. He knows just what to say about a woman who works in the fashion industry: she's too old. Oh boy. The gloves are off. In fact, I think it's time for a "walk off":

Let's compare their recent runway shots.

CM with Mary J Blige last spring
- vs -
V on Project Runway this summer.

Who's looking a "too old" now, paunchy?

Don't mess with smart, sexy middle-aged women. They rock. And you don't stand a chance.


trixie b said...

the translation for brûlez dans l'enfer/go to hell (the conversation between French models, Insouciance and Apéritif):

- These American men, they are so tacky. [note: US usage of gauche]
- I agree. And the old nosy one, he is, how you say, crazy?
- Certainly. Very mad.
- And the little one, the poser rock star?
- He is the a-hole, is it not so?
- Completely.
- I am bored.
- My head hurts.
- We say that we will go to the party and then we ditch these imbeciles.
- And then we stop making the bad french.

bungle said...

Wait, grown women have bad attributes?
Like opinions, i.e. thoughts of their own?


Yeah, which might explain why I read yer blog. PRGay gives the 'Mo side of the matter, and it's good to get the PR POV from a lady.

Me? Neither of the above which is why this and PRG are the only blogs on my bookmarks (I mean not including Tims Take etc.) Four-Four and Yawnur have some smack skillz but no distinguishing POV like you and PRG. I don't have THAT much time for my newfound source of amazement.

Again, thanks for the spread about Holly Hobbie. Josephine Baker... I've heard the name but Laura's reference escaped me vis-a-vis her dress. You helped clear that up. Professor Gunn referenced Holly Hobbie, which Angela thought good, which I thought "huh?". Don't get me wrong I've heard of HH but couldn't connect the dots.