Wednesday, April 11, 2007

top ten

In response to Linda Merrill's Top 10 list on her ::surroundings magazine blog I decided to see if I could come up with my own top 10. These selections feel a bit random and the ranking order feels even more haphazard. I've made a few notes to try to explain myself but I can't say that if I were to do this tomorrow I would pick the same exact rooms and put them in the same exact order! For what it's worth:

10: felicia, episode 2
smart space use solutions; great design response to the clients needs; will make transition into adolescence.

9: carisa, episode 8
a very creative conceptual idea put into practical use; frame should have been painted white but it is really a very inspired response to the challenge.

8: carisa, episode 2
a well-designed structure; great use of space; color and style that is bright enough for a child but also transitions out of childhood.

7: matt, episode 8
cool icy elegance; exquisite

6. michael, episode 4
wonderful mid century modern scandinavian design; great garage sale finds for a sophisticated post college space

5: erik and carisa, episode 1
comfort, color, style; a warm room that seems inviting; some accessories problems but the overall look is great; I especially like the back wall, and the sofa.

4: andrea, episode 7
for the overall polish, the suede walls and the side table. I hate the chairs.

3: erik, matt, elizabeth
I think this is a great cabana -- building on the traditional design but innovative reworking certain aspects. Plus it provides full sun protection -- increasingly necessary -- as well as privacy.

2. michael and john, episode 1
for the polish, elegance, especially the back wall, the choice of art, the sofa and banquet

1. matt, episodes 2 and 7 especially
basically for his use of color -- the thing that has impressed me the most of all; and for his sense of elegance (it isn't my specific style -- I tend to like cleaner lines -- but it is lovely and appealing nonetheless)

NOTE: You can go to Bravo's Rate the Room and look at all the rooms again and judge for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice designs, I like them. Who is the top designer?