Saturday, April 14, 2007

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in no particularly significant order

super todd
In my constant pursuit of more ways to have Todd Time I think that it would have been nice to see him do home visits like Tim does on Project Runway.

the santa fe building windows
I don't think that either designer lived up to the architecture -- although Carisa did better than Matt in that regard.

carisa's use of repeating squares

This touchstone of Carisa's style worked well for the space, picking up on the windows. I have a few quibbles: she might have varied it or broken it up to pick up on some of the other aspects of the architecture -- the transoms for example. I also thought it was a bit heavy as a divider (breaking up that lovely expanse of windows). I also hate to see the grid below go empty of books when it looks like such a great reading corner. I also like the introduction of browns and beiges.

matt's grandfather's prints
I thought that the red tint was an especially nice touch.

matt's work style
He's a pro. (You can see why Carisa is in such a panic: even with all of Matt's organization things can still get crazy.) It probably says more about me that watching another hyper-planner at work is what I consider good television. Ooooh! Look at his office supplies!!! I wish they'd zoom in on his tabs so I can see how he color-codes! And honestly -- I'm curious about the slides. What are the slides for? I thought art historians were the only ones who used slides anymore.

carisa's bed
(and jonathan, margaret in it)
Margaret getting into the bed and realizing that she liked it is up there with Alexis Arquette on the swing as one of the great moments on Top Design. Jonathan saying that he "could really get up to some mischief!" in Carisa's bed may be the best quote of the show.

lily's room
What a dream room for a little girl. I would have died for this room. Jeez. A part of me still wants this room! Note: you only see a corner of it but that rug is adorable.

matt and ed
This was so cute. If we learned anything from top design we learned that the designer is only as good as their carpenter.

carisa's attitude
Carisa seemed honest about saying that it was best for Matt to win because she still felt like a winner whereas if she had won Matt would have been devastated. That would be an egotistical thing to say if it weren't for the fact that it is true. Carisa was very generous-spirited about the competition which made me feel like she was well on her way towards developing the personal maturity she needs in order to become a successful professional designer. At any rate she was so gracious in defeat that she did win the hearts of viewers.

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