Thursday, March 08, 2007

in goil's perfect world ...

... everyone would live in white boxes with wheels on them


I like Goil. How can you not?

But this one-note of his is really getting old. We are halfway through the show and I'm still seeing white boxes. I don't think he is a decorator/designer. He's an architect. He's talented and bright and has a strong visual sensibility. But I'm starting to think he just doesn't have the skills -- perhaps not even the interests -- it takes to do interior design. I want to see him stay on the show because he's a delight to watch. If he won -- that would be great -- but he should go into business with a good decorator.

The judges biases and blind spots are starting to get more and more blatant. This works to Goil's favor as they never seem to find much fault and when they do it doesn't really count much against him. For example, there is the matter of the rolling dog bed that Goil spent most of his time working on in this past challenge.

I'd like to point out that dogs don't want to be on wheels (unless it is in a car with their nose out the window): they want to chase after wheels. Now don't write me and tell me that you have a toy dog that your kid dresses up and pushes around in a doll stroller all day. I'm not talking about those pocket pet dogs that you can put in your purses and carry around: they were bred as "toys" so they don't count.

Dogs are den animals. They like places that are like dens: covered, private, safe spaces of their own where they can retreat without the threat of being rolled out and attacked by predators such as little girls who will dress them up in outfits and make them play the unicorn in their fairy princess plays, or little pirate boys who will careen around with them in the raft on the rolling high seas until one or both of them barf.

My point is that, in a sense, Goil was more of a failure than Carisa in terms of wasting time not helping out while working on something that completely failed to meet the client's needs. I think that Goil deserved to be up there with Carisa this week, getting more criticism for the problem of his single-minded focus on what he was doing over the needs of the project as a whole.


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Ms. Place said...

I took a while to respond to your post, because I too thought that Goil spent too much time on a bed that my dog would disdain and I think Max would too. That bed is too high, too small, and too unstable.

But I digress. I reviewed the tape. All the designers worked their butts off, including Carisa, Goil, and Ryan. They cleaned, they pounded nails, they moved Bell family crap, and multi-tasked in general.

Look closely and you'll see Ryan and Goil everywhere helping where they are needed. Carisa is off on her own, but let's face it, she devoted her time to completing an entire space, however misguided she might have been by not checking frequently with Andrea.

Goil's lousy dog bed did not take him as much time as was edited into the show. However, I agree with you. He should have been one of the designers to stand alongside Ryan and Carisa, and he should have been asked to defend his design.