Friday, March 09, 2007

accentuate the positive

Since I was harshing on Jonathan Adler last week I want to point out that I liked his blog this week (Jonathan Adler's Blog). In fact I actually thought parts of it were very funny. He seems to have toned down the snarkiness and so his comments come across as more fair and less mean-spirited. He sounded less condescending (and didn't do as much of that faux folksy talk either).

Television has a funny way of manipulating images. It has occurred to me that -- given that JA is considered to be a genuinely likable person -- it probably never occurred to him that television audiences would actually find some of the contestants even more appeal ling. Furthermore, his treatment of some of them combined with his own apparent high self regard would then make him one of the more unpopular figures on the show. Of course this is not just about his own manner not hitting the right note but about the way he is being edited. Nonetheless, this must put him in a rather unfamiliar position and I doubt it is what he intended.

Anyway, there are two parts of his blog this week that I really like:

1. He has a very funny paranoid riff on hantavirus in garages (here, and here).

2. His take on Ryan is not only spot-on but totally hilarious.
I’ll start with the positives. He is a …… He is a …….. (thinking…..) He is a person who considers himself an artist. (Read the full ryan section here.)
Every time I read that line it makes me laugh.


mumblesalot said...

You made me chuckle at myself. Then I saw this kind hearted post. I had just posted to last weeks comments in a rather snarky manner. Which does me about as much good as poking myself in the eye. I watch these shows for fun. Please someone slug me when I get too serious.

Anonymous said...

I think that Adler still needs to dial back the verbal kitsch a bit. I found myself having to go back and re-read parts of his blog this week just to get some meaning. I feel like he writes his blogs to amuse himself, and not to give us any useful information. I might just skip it next week altogether.

Anonymous said...

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