Friday, March 30, 2007

emperor of ice

As we know, Matt got the theme of Water.

This was fitting for the blessed one so associated with water, as in turning into wine and walking on (see previous post: why matt can do no wrong regarding who our superstar resembles at times:


Who can compete with that?

Everyone felt that Water was the easiest theme. (Of course the spirit guided the best element to the chosen one.)

These days "spa" and "hotel" are practically interchangeable terms. The colors and surfaces of aqua and teak and sand and surf are ubiquitous in the world of hotels -- making it easier for the designers to come up with ideas at the spur of the moment and to find what they are looking for -- so Water would have been a snap to do as a basic spa type of room.

Furthermore, I remind you that this is taking place in Los Angeles -- a place of surf and sun.

So what does Matt do with it?

He makes ice. Oy.

Jesus wept.

But it was beautiful ice.

It takes someone from a cold climate to create a sparkling icy spectacle under these circumstances.
Feeling Minnesota . . .
Or, maybe it just takes someone from a cold climate to see it this way. (And please pardon my clich├ęs.)
One must have a mind of winter . . .
A number of people noted that it was hard to remember that Matt's room was water and not air
like the blurry winter horizon where snow and sky are indistinguishable.

Other elements included: the very exacting shade of blue
like the particular clarity of the sky on a biting cold, crisp day.

Mirrored tables
like the surface of a skating pond.

Layers of pillows--
like "cotton candy snow" (the name for the snow when it first falls and is downy and soft)
The color of the rug

like the dormant grasses that appear in places in the snow drifts.

The glass floor lamp

an icicle reflecting light in its curves.

The mirror -- an icy star.

Andy Goldsworthy, Icicle Star

That said, the room was exquisite but it needed some life. A promise of spring.

Water that moves. Flowers in bloom. Narcissus. Maybe a cherry branch or pussy willows. I like the symbolism of narcissus however. And chocolate is good in the winter as well.


Ms. Place said...

Cool, distant, unobtainable, unusable, unless you're so rich that you don't care about sullying the pristine sheets, shiny reflective tables, or virginal couch.

Me? I like rich colors. So, yes this room was excellent. Would I feel comfortable staying in it? No.

eric3000 said...

You're right: it was ice, not water. I thought the room was pretty but sterile.

Anonymous said...

I love when in fact, thank you!