Saturday, October 07, 2006

behind the masks

. . . there was some serious ugly going on this season.

On the face of it, the designers started out resembling human beings, but it didn't take long to have doubts about a few of them. Who am I kidding? These guys seemed creepy from the start. The masks cracked from the get go. And it wasn't pretty.

the three faces of keith :

the three monsters of the runway :

the most fearsome of them all

The hiss.
The swish.
The disdain.
The utter indifference.
And the infuriating fact that, try as they may, they just cannot knock her off of her feet.

She sees them for what they are -- creeps and bullies -- and calls them on it. With one whip she can put them in their place and they skulk away licking their wounds and whining "she's a bad mommy."
And it makes them SO MAD when women refuse to be their mommies!!

But when the mask comes off
the kitten comes out to play.

(click here for halloween costume ideas from jay mccarroll.)


say what? said...

applause, applause, applause!

The morphing into the monsters - brilliant! And Laura into Catwoman - inspired! (Except she would change the catsuit to have a plunging neckline)

I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the morphing! Also enjoyed your discussion of the reunion episode and the rant sent to BPR. I really think the "books" were a secondary thing when it came to kicking him off the show. I think leaving and then accessing the internet is what sealed his fate. I can see him pulling out the books while Kayne and Jeffery were sitting there and that's when Kayne saw them, and I can see Kayne saying something to him like - those are illegal - and Keith not caring. So Kayne goes to the producers. In the end it's such a small thing...if he's a good designer his stuff will sell, if not we won't ever hear about him again!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the morphing is amazing but I was most impressed by the Laura analysis, you nailed it with that description, they just cant bring her down and they don't like it! Gabriella

N. Adele said...

Marilinda is from PR. No, not Project Runway. Puerto Rico. See.. it was destiny. Yeah Marilida!!

N. Adele said...
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