Friday, September 29, 2006

insouciance & aperitif review zee elle

Commentary on episode 11 (what the elle?) by French models and kih-pr guest fashion critics, Insouciance & Apéritif.
We were très 'appee zees week because zee show waz all about zee models (click here for "runway model theatre").

Zee drama!

Zee beaucoup bitchy!

Zee 'ippy girl allemande: we zink she 'as lost her senses.
We zink she 'as spent too much time in Ibeza --
leestening to Morcheeba
on zee ecstacy.

Zees man, 'ee does not know 'ow to model:
Zees is no way to walk on zee runway.
Why does zee poseur rock star wear zee 'ippy dress?
What eez with zee ugly blue shoes?
Et zee scarf - 'ee does not wear it properly:
zees eez une erreur grave in La France.


Now zees girls: zay know zee modelling:
Ils sont fèroces.

Et la Nazri:
She is too good.
Et we are trés shallow.
We don't zink we like her verry much.


We like zee Clarissa.
She can pout like zee French woman.
She too suffers from zee ennui.

Zee matching wis zee dress and zee model.
Eet is a nice picture non?
Zay are les amis, qui?
Elles son tres sympathique.

Zees, we are not so sure: Mon dieu!!
We must warn zee Marilinda to get away from zee angry poseur rock star.

Mais, zees man: Oo la la!

Le beau Michel:
we would like for him to call us.

C'est une mauvaise idée: Zee running about in zee jardin and on zee avenue:
eez not naturelle for zee model to work en zees conditions.

Nous préférons zee bureau de zee fancy editor
espagnole wis zee beaucoup windows.
but zees strahnge garçon in her closet-- -- zee enfant terrible wiz zee pretty girl hair
zat zay call zee Rucherre.

Le joli Rucherre will also contact zee Insouisance et Apéritif, mais qui?
He and le beau Michel come to Paris
We will have zee soirée with zee champagne in zee chambre.
C'est bonne?

Insouciance & Apéritif say:
nos bons amis,
joli Rucherre & beau Michel:

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