Friday, July 13, 2007

fashion rules that never change

"Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses!"

From Tim Gunn's makeover sessions on Oprah:

What makes this particularly pathetic is that
Liz Claiborne has its own line of eyewear:

Tim Gunn, the great shillmeister, missed a perfect
chance to promote a product from his new employer!


Anonymous said...

Trixie, do you think Tim has over-extended himself?

-- desertwind

PS - I do.

Anonymous said...

PPS - Why do they look older in the after-photos?

- desert

trixie said...

desertwind --
ha! good questions
1. yes. more on this later...
2. they are squinting because they can't see; they are wearing too much makeup; their hair is over-styled (poofy) and over highlighted and the cuts aren't very young.

eric3000 said...

"they are squinting because they can't see"

LOL! Those glasses really did have to go. But you're right, he should have given them replacements.

Ms. Place said...

Frankly, I use my reading glasses as a fashion accessory and to make a point when making presentations. Foolish Tim. BTW, doesn't he wear glasses?

Ms. Place said...

BTW,I own about 18 pairs of vanity glasses - all with frames of different colors and sizes designed to match my outfits, purses, or moods. Also, I mislay them all the time, so I keep one in every room and several in my car and office.

Tim missed a huge opportunity to make a fashion statement. Honestly, I'm pissed.

trixie said...

Thanks for your comments!

The best thing Tim could have done is helped them with choosing better frames.

This THE most important fashion choice for anyone who wears glasses. And it is far more important than a $700 party dress that she'll never wear again and a hair style that she'll never reproduce again. And far more relevant to Oprah's audience.

Anonymous said...