Wednesday, February 14, 2007

how do you solve a problem like carisa?

It started with neither Ryan nor Goil respecting her experience and skills. Then Ryan was a condescending jerk. Goil claimed to be the mediator but he did not stand up to Ryan's rudeness, did not say anything about their bickering, said yes to both of them on the same request and thus made the situation worse. If you wanted to pick the worst team leader in this challenge I don't think it was Elizabeth.

In his interview Goil said "Larisa is not a team player." First of all, how much of team player is Goil when he doesn't know the name of the person on his team? Secondly, Carisa was a great team player with Erik, who treated her as an equal.

In his interview Ryan insulted her with his "she takes up space" comment, which was obviously a dig about her weight. I'm sorry but that crosses the line. I'm bringing out the heavy ammo: He likes to imagine he is a Henry Rollins style artiste. This episode demonstrated that he is not just a poser but a total wanker.

Good for you Carisa for standing your ground even if it means you get called "not a team player." Women are only "team players" when they don't stand up for themselves.


Linda Merrill said...

Yes! Your made some great points. Goil had her name wrong and kept saying yes to everything. He displayed no leadership skills. And Ryan IS a poser. He'd better step it up in future challenges - he's been in the bottom group each week - and manages to stick around.

Christina said...

I won't argue that Ryan is a total poseur peudo-punk who really needs to step-off of his "I'm so much better than you" platform, but Carissa really wasn't a team player this week, and that's has nothing to do with her being a female who stood her ground. I didn't take Ryan's comment about her taking up space as a dig about her weight, but admittedly, I'm not sensitive to those types of comments (they don't even enter into my thought process, honestly) and could very easily have missed a subtle-jab. Goil was totally ineffective and the antithesis of a leader - true, he was trying to play both sides without really ever making a conscious choice or decision - but at the end of the day, he was the only member of the team who was even moderately successful in the task. I understand Carissa's frustration being maligned and under-utilized (in her mind) and basically being dismissed by Ryan -- but what killed it for me was her "if they don't like my fabric choices, they can suck it" attitude. Look, I'm not saying that wouldn't be a natural attitude to take, but in a team environment, sometimes you do have to suck it up for the betterment of everyone, and not let yourself get pulled into semantical arguments about the meaning of the word conservative or how a 1/2 inch cut on a support beam should be either straight or at an angle. She didn't help her cause by bitching to Matt and Michael that she was "stuck" picking out fabric, bitching about Ryan to Goil (who clearly didn't want to get involved or choose sides - and part of that is on Goil, but Carissa shouldn't have pushed for the whole 2 against 1 scenario) and in general being unwilling to try to make the situation better. And her color choices - were horrible. Just because you don't want to pick out fabrics doesn't mean you should just half-ass that aspect of the competition.
And then her complaining on the beach and her seemingly lack of effort helping construct the structure - to me, Ryan was definitely the bigger jerk - but Carissa wasn't much better.

I fully understand the real-life problems in being a woman working in a male-dominated industry -- I get it all the time -- but a 16 hour team competition isn't the time to start pouting about not being appreciated or how you hate not being taken seriously. Save the bitchfest for after the competition, but be the bigger person (and the professional) while at work.

trixie said...

Christina --
I take your point. Carisa certainly isn't blameless. No one one the team came out looking very pretty: Carisa got pissy, Ryan was a total jerk, and Goil (who up until now has been the golden boy) showed that he can be rather snooty.

jinxy said...

While I don't disagree with christina, and I admit I didnt actually WATCH what happened, I still think Ryan was just showing his jealousy.
Ryan never really impressed me. He looks down his nose at Carissa, but look at the work which has been produced so far. Carissa has been doing better than Ryan. She should have held on to that and ignored his jabs.
As far as Goil's behavior, it was a very passive-agressive attempt to stay out of it in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I felt so bad for Goil being stuck with both Ryan and Carissa. Combined they have not one iota of taste.
Carissa needs some pointers on how to dress and accessorize.
And you are right Linda. Ryan is a poser (poseur).

eric3000 said...

It was hard to pick sides on this one. Carissa definitely should have been the one to go to Pier One and Goil should have backed her up on it. But in fairness to Goil, she didn't make much of a case for it when they were discussing roles. She said, "You want me to get fabric?" and Goil, extremely relieved, said, "Yes!" He said yes because he thought the argument was over but I think if she had stood her ground she might have gotten him on her side.