Monday, December 18, 2006

attention john waters: your next film is calling

Could they scream any louder for John Waters?
(Unless it was for Russ Meyers?)

Its the story of an innocent girl from Kentucky
a small twn beauty queen
trying to make it in the big city.

Everyone seems so nice.
Especially Mister Trump.

He's going to make her a star.
He's very classy.
He likes to own things that are big.

He has a building where he keeps his collection of beauty queens.
She gets to live in one of the fancy apartments.

She shares it with another really nice girl who has just arrived in the big city.

They become the best of friends.

They have loads of fun living together.

Everyone in the city is really nice to them.
They never have to pay for food
or coke.
There's this one boy, Ryan, he's kind of dumb but whenever Mister Trump gets mad he always takes him into a room for a few minutes and when they come out Mr. T. is happy. So he's useful for the girls, like a handy tool.

He takes them out on the town.
But the girls aren't supposed to be going out at night. In fact, Mister Trump is the only one with keys to their apartment. He only lets them leave once a day and they have to be accompanied by his ninja spies who make sure that they behave in a wholesome manner at all times. They must uphold Mr. Trump's image as a classy guy.

But soon the girls start breaking out every night. They get reckless and start having parties in their cell - - er, apartment.

Until one night they are caught.

When Mister Trump finds out he's enraged ...
even Ryan can't calm him down

and he throws them out on the street.

to be continued . . . .

(I put this up in a hurry today so the image credits are still to come
but the women in prison pics are from Prison-a-G0-Go)


Anonymous said...

Santa delivers early!

I just knew you'd work wonders with the subject(s).

Speaking of: Tara's wouldn't have got Russ Meyers, The Great excited. Not gazonga enough! Hello, Kitten...

There's a Svengali in Tara's life; I just know it. Trump was out-trumped?

Much love and appreciation to you for your blog and wonderful comments I read on BPR & PRG & PG.

-- desertwind

trixie b said...

Thanks desertwind. It's my pleasure.
I very much appreciate your encouragement. And you are right -- this story is just too delicious to pass up.

eric3000 said...

OMG, that building looks like it has pubic hair! I never noticed that! I'm gonna hurl.