Tuesday, November 28, 2006

shameless commerce

Okay, I am a bit ashamed of myself for these commercial postings, but . . .

for the record:

  • the markup on the coffee mug is a whopping one dollar
  • everything is being offered at the lowest profit level price
  • you can also purchase t-shirts that benefit the NOLA SPCA
and while I'm on the subject:
  • you'll notice the only other ad I have is for Powell's Bookstore which is an independent bookstore in Portland Oregan that offers both new and used books. If you have never been there it is worth a trip to Portland just to spend a weekend at the store. It is the size of an entire city block.Of course, if you buy a book through my web page I get a small percentage but it doesn't add anything to the cost of the book and you can feel good about supporting both an independent bookstore and an independent writer!
which is to say:
I'm not exploiting you to get rich, my friends. If I earn twenty five bucks out of this whole endeavor after a year I'll consider myself lucky!


lotusgreen said...

congratulations and good luck! er... i mean break a handle!

i'll go right over to powells right now through your link and see if there's anything i need!

bungle said...

Hey! What about Insouciance and Apertif gear?