Thursday, October 12, 2006

you're sapping my strength

Did Jeffrey or didn't he do all the work by himse-- oh for the love of god just make it stop. They should have resolved the issue this week because I'm tired of it already and it makes me more tired knowing that they will be taking up more time with it next week.

I just don't have it in me this time round. I don't want any more of Jeffrey's quacking about how a woman is a bitch for calling him on something he did or didn't do or whatever. We've been there, done that.

So this is it. Here's all I've got on Jeffrey's outsourcing controversy:

You'll have to go somewhere else for any more discussion of this matter because I am fresh out of rat's asses for yet another scandal.

I'd rather see more footage of Tim being terrorized by turtle poop.

Now THAT'S quality television.


wildflower38 said...

I wanted to see more of the designers' collections too. Instead the clothes were in plastic bags almost all of the episode. PR producers edited drama...seriously ugly. btw, Jeff's crying because he won the competition.

FeFe said...

An investigation into (La) Cosa Nostra labor relations... Will they find Jimmy Hoffa in a bold of fabric or working a sewing machine?

Ms. Place said...
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Anonymous said...

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