Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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the castaways

(inspired by project rungay's image of laura as ginger.)
it's all good.


Michael Michael Michael.

Of course we adore him. There was the "Captain Save-A-Ho" line. Or the scene where he showed Kayne how to walk the runway. And when he did the "clap on/clap off" to the light before going to bed. Yes, those were all good times.

But we also respect him. Not just because he acts like a decent human being. (That should be the base line for just tolerating a person but on this show just being civil makes someone a hero.)

No the moment when I saw that Michael possesses restraint -- a kind of zen calmness -- that is beyond the capacities of most mortals was when he just shrugged off Vincent's supercilious and galling "critique" and kept working on what looks like it will be another stunning creation that is well beyond the skills and imagination of the likes of Vinny (see post above).

sang-froid, n: self-possession or calmness, especially in a dangerous or stressful situation

hang on uli

Can Uli design a dress that isn't v-necked, sleeveless, and tiered??? That is (apparently) the question. I don't actually have that question myself but this is the question that the judges have decided that we should be asking.

There's no good reason why Uli shouldn't be in the final 3 but the judges have gotten obsessed with the idea that she needs to do something "different." I think she has a style that is distinctive. And she's very very good at what she does. She has an eye for prints that has not yet been seen on the show. This is no easy matter and it takes the eye of a gifted designer to do this well. She showed with the "everyday woman challenge" that she has versatility. So what if her jetsetter only goes to warm climates? Michael's outfit was also for a specific climate and they didn't object.

Uli isn't getting a fair shake on this show. I know this is dicey territory but I don't like what's happened to the women on this show. Alison was kicked off far too early in favor of Vincent (see V-rant above) and Laura has never won a challenge. And not for nothing but Angela's outfit was not the worst one on the runway last week. But I'm sounding naive. At this point the idea that PR judging has ANYTHING to do with talent and skill is pretty much out the window.


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I read your blog, and enjoy it.Thanks for writing what I have been thinking.

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you're welcome!
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