Thursday, September 14, 2006

the return of the repressed

Just when we thought we were safe . . . .

they're baaack!
The worst part about bringing back Vincent and Angela was that it was boring. It added nothing of interest to the show.

Speaking of which, Vincent didn't make his usual e-z kwiky sheath dress. He made something even easier:

Can we please move on to real fashion design now?

a commentary by
Insouciance & Apéritif
two lovely french models and kih fashion critics

- Mon Dieu! Zay late zee cahrayzee man back in?
- Zat lunatic?

- Plus zee madame de beaucoup fleurchons.
- Quelle horreur!
- I don't like zees at all.
- Mais qui.
C'est une idée idiote.

NOTE: Insouciance & Apéritif highly recommend the french department, a new language resource for non-french speakers available in kih | letters.

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