Thursday, September 07, 2006

our long national nightmare

is over

"non! non! non! non!"
I'd like to thank Catherine Malandrino, because I'm sure Heidi and Michael would have kept Vincent around (after all, this week's crap was just the same as every other week's crap). Thanks to her vote we have been released from our suffering.

don't let the door hit ya . . .
. . . where the good lord split ya!


yawningdog said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!
I was so delighted to see Vicent go, I was shouting at the tv. I haven't done that since I stood up and announced that they should, "kill, cook and eat" someone on Survivor.

trixie b said...

yawningdog -- thanks for the comments! I don't think Vincent would make for good barbeque: it is obvious that he lacks taste. By the way -- that's a great picture, you look like a sweetheart.